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On Wednesday, Nov. 15, my job was to drill about 40 holes to a depth of 18". The job was made more memorable with 35 degree temperatures and 20 mph wind. It flurried from time to time - the 1st snow of the year.

The holes were made every 8 inches.

Metal "feathers and wedges" were put into the holes. They were hammered; one tap on one, and then one tap on another - up and down the line to bring the tension up together. They "tuned up" with pressure. The ringing sound had a higher pitch on the ones that had more pressure.

Eventually, the pressure opened a crack. This was Thursday, Nov. 16. The sun came out, no harsh wind and warmer temperatures. Mike is setting up the 32 ton crane, while I split the big stone into 5 pieces. To get 7 preform blocks, I will have to saw 2 of the split blocks.

I had to use a pry bar to open the crack wide enough to get the rigging around a block.

Mike, operating Bennett's crane, concentrates as he moves the heaviest piece off the truck. Monday, I will saw 2 pieces with the water-cooled hydraulic chainsaw. I will then move one piece inside to begin carving. More pictures coming next week.