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This is sculpture connections for Louisiana State University. It will be a fountain and there is to be a basin between the womand and the animals.

Here is the first of three photos explaining the mold process.As the sculptures are large, some parts of the sculpture have to be removed, the head, the hands and the legs. Each section will be made into a two part mold.

The dogs front legs, ears and tail have been removed.

The cat has been coated with a rubber mold material called polygel 40. After the first coat, the part line is established with sections of papercups. Straight pins are used hold them in place. sections are also taped together. Several more layers of mold material will be applied to the cat as well as to the paper cups. This will create a gasket that helps seal the mold when the foundry coats the inside of the cat with wax.

The woman sculpture is nearly finished. Here she is with water going through.

Another view. She still needs welding, chasing and patina.
The people at the foundry did a great job making sure the
water ran the right way! Kudos guys!