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This is a sculpture that Don began and then abandoned. I (Meg) have decided to try to make something out of it. This is just a personal piece that will be completed around my other commissioned pieces (doing mold work on LSU's Connections and casting a maquette for the UNI panther). It's been about ten months since I have carved stone and I'm anxious to get back to carving. This sculpture will be a dancer leaping. I am fascinated by the movements of dance and will try to capture some of that feeling in this piece.

After a few days, the sculpture begins to take shape. First I carve the torso roughly in and block out where the arms and legs are. I am carving wide of the form and I will refine as I go.

I'm not entirely sure what the form is going to be coming up behind the dancer that acts as a support. I toyed with the idea of mist, but discarded the idea. Right now I'm making movements in the stone to break up the vertical line it started out with.

From this angle you can see that the stone is vertical on the left side. I will take out various sections to add movement.

I have decided to make the supporting element cloth. And now he has hands and feet.

A picture from the back. You can see his foot is free of the stone.