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These are 4 out of 5 pieces that came from the 43,500 lb. block. That is the hydraulic power unit and the water-cooled chainsaw that I used to make a slightly diagonal cut lengthwise thru one of the blocks.

After making the cut across the top and down both ends, there was still some stone holding the block together that the saw couldn't reach. I placed 6 wedges and split it the rest of the way.

I took our crane truck and stood the blocks on end. I intentionally wanted the preforms to have a tapered composition. It's more exciting, visually, and more stable.

This is the drawing of a pair of entry way sculptures that I want to create from these 2 blocks, entitled "Affinity". These 2 sculptural elements are drawn to each other by natural attraction. This sculpture represents the close relationship between kindred spirits.

I moved one of the blocks inside and have begun carving on the left-hand portion of the design.

This is the back view.